Creative MUVO 2

Portable Water-resistant Bluetooth® Speaker with Built-in MP3 Player

The Creative MUVO 2 is designed with a water-resistant IP66-rating to take your music through your adventures. Powered with a 10-hour battery life and a size small enough that fits in your bag, you can take your music anywhere. Connecting to the MUVO 2 is effortless. Simply connect via a host of input sources including Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, you can connect two MUVO 2 speakers to enjoy a wider sound stage and bigger audio performance. Available in four colors with cool metallic shades, pick the right one that suits your style.



Designed for a Life Full of Adventures

You don't have to worry about getting your portable speaker wet anymore. The Creative MUVO 2 is designed with water-resistant IP66-rating so you can take your music through your adventures. With a 10-hour battery life, the MUVO 2 keeps the action going, wherever your life takes you. Connecting to the MUVO 2 is effortless. Simply connect via a host of input sources including Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, you can connect two MUVO 2 speakers to enjoy a wider sound stage and bigger audio performance. Available in four colors with cool metallic shades, pick the right one that suits your style.

Water-resistant Design

Great Audio Even When You're Having a Splashing Fun Time!

Get ready to take your audio through your life's adventures! The MUVO 2 is designed with IP66-rating, which means it's beach-ready to tackle all the splashes at your pool parties, and combat all dust when you travel off the beaten track.



Big Bass Takes up Less Space

The MUVO 2 houses an over-sized passive radiator to ensure great bass performance. With two in-house tuned full-range speaker drivers, you can count on this nifty speaker to deliver a sound of strength and substance.

What lies beneath
What lies beneath

Don't Leave Home Without it

The MUVO 2 weighs only 340g (12.0oz) and because of its shape, it's so easy to slip into your bag and take it anywhere you go, wherever you want.


The Party Goes on and on

With a built-in 2,200mAh Li-ion battery, you can play non-stop music for 10hours1. And the best part is, the party doesn't have to stop even when the battery runs flat. You can charge it via the micro USB cable for longer hours of enjoyment.


The Joy of Freedom

Connecting your smart device to the MUVO 2 is child's play. Pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and let your music run free.

Double the Fun with Wider Stereo

Featuring the stereo Wireless Link technology, it pairs two MUVO 2 speakers2 together. Together with your friends, you can enjoy the expansive sound coming from two compact speakers.

Play Thousands of Songs without a Smart Device

Not getting enough juice on your smart devices? The MUVO 2 comes with its built-in MP3 player. Upload thousands of songs to a microSD card without jamming the space of your smart devices. With support for high-quality lossless FLAC and WAV, WMA and MP3 formats3, your listening needs are well covered.

USB Audio: Customize Your Sound The Way You Want It

Your USB audio port may surprise you with better sound than you think. Connect the MUVO 2 via USB, and add a personal touch to your listening experience with the Sound Blaster Control Panel. With access to an array of tuning parameters, you can customize your audio profiles the way you like it.

For added versatility, it is also a microSD card reader that lets you move your music, video or personal data between your PC and memory card4.

It's Also a Speakerphone

While your smartphone is tethered via Bluetooth, the MUVO 2 acts as a speakerphone that lets you take your calls when you're listening to your music. So you won't have to miss a phone call again!

1 Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.
2 Only available when your audio source is via Bluetooth.
3 Supports MP3 and WMA up to 320kbps. Does not support WMA Pro/Lossless.
4 This setting only works when the speaker is turned off.
* Pricing and product specifications are subjected to change without prior notice. Not all of these colour options may be offered in all regions. Please check with your local sales representatives or offices for product availability.



  • TechWalls

    ...the MUVO 2 really shines with a much cleaner and clearer sound. The bass is really good when you play music in a car or in a small apartment. It is not a deep or thunderous bass but it is tight and punchy enough for you to enjoy your music.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • High-Def Digest

    The Muvo 2 Bluetooth speaker is a great option for gaming on the go. The light weight, the water resistance, and the connectivity pair well with the stereo sound and nice looks.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • MyMac

    Music comes through with depth if not a great deal of refinement, but overall the Muvo 2 is an excellent value, as are most products from Creative Labs.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • eTeknix

    Compact, powerful and packed full of feature, the Muvo 2 is a great solution for giving your audio a big boost no matter where you need to go.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • Game Scouts

    The Creative MUVO 2 is a tiny powerhouse that delivers exceptional audio performance. Its resistance to water and severe weather conditions is remarkable, and its Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility makes it a perfect speaker for on-the-go usage. As it stands, the MUVO 2 is one of the best, if not the best, waterproof speaker on the market.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • GamesReviews

    ...the MUVO 2 does enough to differentiate it from those attempting to compete. Even the SD card slot really comes in handy when using the speakers for your kids. After using these speakers, I’m tempted to purchase a few more and put them in all the bathrooms in my home.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • British Sounds

    This is truly a feature-rich device that offers a tonne of extras not normally associated with portable speakers of this price range. The Creative Muvo 2 Bluetooth speaker offers exceptional audio playback, a generous 10 hours battery life and the ability to use the speaker as a standalone MP3 player – all wrapped up in an IP66 waterproof body. The perfect speaker for everyday life.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • TechAeris

    At the end of the day, I am pretty happy with the Muvo 2 and have never seen or worked with a Bluetooth speaker that allows a micro SD card to be used. It’s a pretty cool feature and I’m sure there are other speakers out there that offer the same thing, but they’re not the Creative Muvo 2. Honestly, I don’t have any complaints about this unit at all.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • Straits Times

    My favourite part about the Muvo 2 speakers is their stereo functionality. With two devices paired together wirelessly, they can function as a portable stereo system with left and right outputs... It took under two minutes for me to set everything up, and after that I put the speakers on either end of my computer table. I found that watching television shows or movies with the set-up was an immersive experience, and I also enjoyed the stereo experience when I listened to music.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • GadgetViper

    The Creative MUVO 2 is a hugely versatile portable speaker featuring four different playback modes. With IP66 water resistance, 10 hours playtime and an audio performance that defies its size, the MUVO 2 is perfect for outdoor trips.

    Creative MUVO 2


  • Dad Kingdom

    ...given their superior portability, the loudness and richness of sound is surprisingly good. Beyond the music, the water-resistant MUVO speakers have a slick aesthetic, no-sacrifice functionality and the utmost mobility.

    Creative MUVO 2


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A Closer Look

    • Dimensions (H x W x D) 67 x 190 x 38 mm, USB Cable Length: Approx 0.6m
    • Weight Speaker: 340g (12.0oz), USB Cable: 23g (0.8oz)
    • Drivers 1 x Passive Radiator, 2 x Drivers
    • microSD Slot Yes
    • Battery Type Built-in Li-ion, 2200 mAh
    • Battery Life 10 hours
    • Learn More
    • System Requirements
      • For Wireless Streaming:
        Compatible Bluetooth devices that support the Stereo Bluetooth Profile (A2DP)

      • For direct connection to Line-in jack:
        Analog audio devices with a 3.5mm output or RCA output

      • For Phone Calls:
        Compatible Bluetooth smartphones that support the Hands-Free Profile (HFP)

      • For Wireless Control:
        Compatible Bluetooth devices that support the Bluetooth Remote Control (AVRCP)

      • For Sound Blaster Control Panel:
        For Windows® OS
        Intel Core™2 Duo Processor 2.2 GHz, AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core or equivalent processor
        Microsoft® Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8.1 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit or 64- bit
        1GB RAM
        600MB of free hard disk space
        Available USB 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0 port

        For Mac OS
        Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.8 GHz
        Mac OS X 10.6 and above
        1GB RAM
        600MB of free hard disk space
        Available USB 2.0 port

      • For Transferring Data:
        Compatible with microSD cards of Class 4 and above, up to 128GB

      • For USB Host Audio:
        Connect via micro USB cable on PC/Mac
    • Download Software
    • Manuals / Safety and Regulatory information
      • Creative MUVO 2
      • Micro USB Cable
      • Quick Start Guide
      • Warranty Leaflets
      • Safety and Regulatory Leaflets
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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