Creative DSxm

Wireless Subwoofer for D5xm or D3xm

Enhance the audio performance out of your Creative D5xm or D3xm modular speakers with the wireless subwoofer!



Wireless subwoofer for the Creative D5xm or D3xm

Enhance the bass of your Creative D5xm or D3xm modular wireless speaker system with the Creative DSxm wireless subwoofer, featuring Creative SLAM™ technology. Working together with the Creative Central app (for iOS and Android™), the system takes into consideration your room's acoustic profile and calibrates the speaker and subwoofer to give you the best possible audio performance. Engineered with wireless modularity in mind, you can link it to a single or multiple Creative D5xm or D3xm speakers and enjoy the flexibility of placing it virtually anywhere1. So what are you waiting for, give that additional cinematic bass to your music, movies and games and enjoy wireless audio like never before!

Add the boom to your room

Add the boom to your room

The Creative DSxm is designed exclusively for use with Creative D5xm or Creative D3xm2 to give your speaker system an extended deep bass capability.

Perfect bass in any room

Perfect bass in any room

Using the Creative Central app's Room Calibration feature, when the subwoofer is linked with the Creative D5xm or D3xm, it adapts to your environment and can be calibrated to accommodate your room's acoustic profile, giving you a personalized listening experience.

Powerful bass

Powerful bass

Featuring Creative Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module (SLAM) technology, the compact subwoofer delivers a thunderous output. This portless design is extensively tuned and utilizes a master driver and dual pressure drivers housed in a highly compact inert enclosure, giving you a deep and tight bass.

Place it anywhere

Place it anywhere

Even in the largest of rooms, the Creative DSxm will fire away its heart-thumping lows from just about anywhere. With its robust wireless technology, it works up to 30 meters from the primary Creative D5xm or D3xm speaker unit, measured in unobstructed space.

1 AC power cord required.
2 The Creative DSxm wireless subwoofer will work with up to either three units of Creative D5xm or three units of Creative D3xm speakers. It will not work with a mixture of Creative D5xm and Creative D3xm units.


  • Tech Radar

    Pairing the D5xm soundbar with the boxy DSxm subwoofer is simple too. What you're rewarded with after the initial set-up phase is nothing short of revelatory. This Creative Signature Series combo immediately impresses with a rich, involving and beautifully transparent delivery.

    Creative DSxm


Customer Reviews

  • g. sweetman

    Bass how low can you go,low with this badboy ,synced with DX3M wow amazing

  • M. Iveson


  • Z. Witkowski

    I use this with the 2 D5xm and you will not be disappointed easy to set up, place the units were you want in your room , sit back and listen.

  • J. Ee

    The bass that comes out of this small box is pretty solid - I can't even turn the bass booster to the max, otherwise the neighbours will complain! It's a pretty good deal (price-wise) when it's purchased together with the D3xm or D5xm speakers!

  • A. Bourne

    The Creative DSXM subwoofer, is amazing, connected with my Creative D5xm speaker module, it's the ideal companion, and I've been listening to music with them both daily. I am so very impressed with my purchases. It's excellent value for money. Five stars from me.

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A Closer Look

    • Dimensions (H x W x D) 220.0 x 220.0 x 290.0 mm (8.70 x 8.70 x 11.40 inches)
    • Weight 4.63kg (10.20lbs)
    • System Configuration *can be linked with additional units of Creative D5xm or D3xm to form up to 3.1 system
    • Color Black
    • Design Portless / SLAM™
    • Learn More
      • Creative DSxm Subwoofer
      • Regional AC cord (s)
      • Quick Start Guide
      • Warranty/Technical Support leaflet
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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