Aurvana Gold

Active Noise-canceling Bluetooth® Headset with NFC

Aurvana Gold lets you enjoy fuss-free pairing to your Bluetooth®-enabled devices with its Near Field Communication (NFC) feature. With built-in dual microphones, surrounding ambient noise is being electronically cancelled, reducing noise by up to 85%. Featuring superb 40mm Neodymium drivers, plus high-definition aptX® and AAC audio codecs, Aurvana Gold delivers a visceral acoustic performance.

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Immerse yourself in superb wireless acoustics and noise-free bliss with the Aurvana Gold headset. Featuring superb 40mm Neodymium drivers, high-definition aptX® and AAC audio codecs, the Aurvana Gold delivers a visceral acoustic performance.


Studio-grade entertainment

Exceptional acoustics

Its 40mm Neodymium drivers have been rigorously tuned to deliver remarkable acoustic performance with tight bass.

Excellent design

Indulge in your marathon entertainment sessions with comfortable, premium memory-foam ear cushions.


Winner of the prestigious 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design, the Aurvana Gold combines modern design with the latest technology for intuitive functionality.


One-touch connection

One-touch connection

Integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC), you can wirelessly connect to compatible smartphones or tablets easily simply by tapping your smart device on the headset.

* Due to the inherent design of the Aurvana Gold, it is not compatible to support the full functions and technology of the ZEN Touch 2 and ZEN Style M300.

High-definition playback quality minus the wires

High-definition playback quality minus the wires

Aurvana Gold employs high-definition audio support with aptX® and AAC to ensure the best wireless audio performance from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Lag-free audio

FastStream* technology allows for low-latency, bi-directional audio streaming and voice communication with the Creative BT-W2 Bluetooth USB transceiver (sold separately).

*FastStream allows low latency wireless bi-directional audio streaming and voice communication with Creative BT-W2 Bluetooth USB transceiver. HD Voice requires supported smartphones and mobile networks.

15 hours of playback

15 hours of playback*

Enjoy up to 15 hours of playback and talk time with a single charge.

*without ANC


Manage your music your way

Convenient and easy controls

The convenient on-ear and call controls allow you to adjust the volume or switch between calls and music with ease.

Have it both ways

Enjoy your music with or without wires with the detachable, flat, tangle-free cables.

Note: When the audio stereo cable is connected to the headset, the headset will operate in the "passive mode" - the headset's call functions, music playback and volume controls will be disabled.


Superb noise eliminator

With dual embedded microphones, Aurvana Gold offers up to 85% Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Crisp conversations

The built-in speech microphone with ClearSpeech™ Engine actively suppresses environmental noise and digitally enhances voice clarity so that your conversations are loud and clear.

Moreover, it is HD Voice-ready, which means it is capable of transmitting a broader spectrum of the human voice, making conversations more natural and life-like. To take full advantage of HD Voice, both parties must converse on HD Voice-capable smartphones, and be connected to mobile networks supporting HD Voice. For more information on supported HD Voice services and smartphones, refer to your local service provider.


One source, two headsets

One source, two headsets

Aurvana Gold features Creative ShareMe™, which allows you to share your music wirelessly with your buddy or loved one using another Creative ShareMe-enabled wireless headset such as the Aurvana Platinum and Hitz WP380.

Two sources, one headset

Two sources, one headset

Creative Multipoint allows you to pair two separate devices to the headset at the same time. This means that you can easily switch your music source between these two Bluetooth stereo devices.


Go places with your headset

To make travelling a breeze, we have included an airplane adapter as well as a travel pouch for portable convenience.


  • GadgetsBoy

    ... for the price point its premium, it looks snazzy and sounds great. With the option to go wire free I would be using it for all my commuting or in the office when I need to really focus on tasks in hand; the headband fits just perfectly, it doesn’t feel to tight neither does it come loose.

    Aurvana Gold


Customer Reviews

  • T. Townsend

    Wow! The envy of my office. I bought these noise-cancelling headphones to upgrade from my Aurvana X-Fi headphones to benefit from wireless support, in-built battery and charging, ability to answer phone calls and better asthetics and build. I wasn't disappointed. I'm a software engineer and use these primarily in the office to help me focus on projects, drowning out the sound of the busy office around me while I listen to my favourite tracks. With the ability to answer voice calls, I don't even have to take them off when my phone rings. I wear them for 8 hours a day without any discomfort (so soft), they are surprisingly light and the battery lasts all day (never gone flat). As for audio quality, well that's why I always buy creative. I'm very, very fussy about audio quality and the built in crystalizer and x-fi makes Bluetooth audio sound like your plugged in via a lead. I can't be happier with my purchase - fantastic value and highly recommended.

  • C. Thorburn

    wouldn't trade these for anything else, amazing audio quality, great Bluetooth range and quality without any syncing issues, long battery life and recommend purchasing the creative Bluetooth audio transceiver for PC and console connectivity.

  • J. Grigorjeva

    Amazing headphones. Sound quality is super, isolation as well so you forget about the world around you..After using these simple earphones just are nothing compared to aurvana gold.

  • J. Kajander

    Excellent voice quality,looks good, fits well on ears and can use these long time without pressure feeling.Sensitive buttons to use,all but good to say,recommended product with reasonable price.Book in/register to use offers.

  • S. Pole

    The Aurvana Gold are excellent value with a very good sound quality, at the price point there probably isn't anything else better on offer. They clamp to your head firmly, which I guess helps with noise suppression, but that can become a little uncomfortable for longer sessions. They are quite bulky so maybe not ultra-portable, but they are light and come with a nice travel pouch. I have used them for 1-3 hours per day with noise canceling, which is pretty good, on a single charge, so I reckon they easily meet the stated 15 hours per charge. Overall they are excellent value for money.

  • W. Miller

    These are by far the best pair of headphones I ever experienced. I am very satisfied with how these feel when wearing them for a prolonged period of time. These are surprisingly lighter than what they appear. Although I'm very gentle handling these headphones they feel very sturdy, especially where the band adjusts. It takes a bit of force to adjust which is great because I don't want them to resize on me while simply wearing them. The audio quality is incredible, even when going through Bluetooth. I have an aptX enabled phone so I'm getting high quality/low latency sound while watching movies. I use the Creative BT-W2 on my computer which allows me to use these as a gaming headset without sacrificing sound quality, unlike other Bluetooth dongles. I never owned a pair of ANC headphones so I can't compare the quality to any other product utilizing the technology but it does a good job blocking out unwanted noise on my daily train ride into work. I think it could be better but it is definitely noticeable when I toggle it on and off. I like how ANC can be turned on even when it's not connected to a device, which is great because I can block out unwanted noise while trying to concentrate. My only complaints about the product are: The USB cover fell off the first time I went to charge. I swear I can hear a high frequency pitch when I turn them on, but it's barely noticeable. Once I begin audio playback I am not able to hear it whatsoever. Sometimes I am able to hear the hinges make a noise when they flex from head movement, but it is not noticeable once audio is playing. Overall I am very happy with my decision to purchase these headphones. I have owned several headphones made by Creative: SoundBlaster Jam, WP-380, WP-450 and Creative Outlier. While they all are excellent products, the Aurvana Gold are without a doubt the best sounding of them all. I truly wish Creative would release an updated version of the Evo ZxR. I would buy them in a heartbeat. One last thing I think is important to mention is how much better these look in person than in picture. I was skeptical about the color choice based on the pictures but when I saw them in person I was very impressed by how great they look. I showed several people at work and they all said they look great and sound amazing. I give these headphones a 9/10 rating. Great job Creative!

  • D. Cannon

    So I received my brand new noise-canceling headphones and I am super impressed. The noise cancelation is incredible, the sound quality is crystal clear, great battery life, you can hear the bass, the acoustics, the audio is studio quality, lag-free audio, great Bluetooth range and quality without any syncing issues.

  • L. Yong

    Preform extremely good low and mid, nice separation of tone, mid centre theater sound stage. No sign of muddy bass. Little to no sign of sound degradation when using Bluetooth as compare to cable. This is definitely the best quality Bluetooth headphone you can get in market!

  • A. Labusau

    Fine sound, long battery

  • A. Telfer

    I purchased these for my children and they are all amazed with the quality of the sound and the versatility of the bluetooth feature. For the price, these are outstanding. Allan from Liverpool

  • C. T. Sim

    Great product, noise reduction is superb, sound quality is good

  • S. Kulasekharam

    Amazing Earphones however, a bit oversized for me. Great sound quality. Planning to purchase a E3 to test its full potential.

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A Closer Look

    • Product Type Wireless Headset
    • Weight 292g (10.3 oz)
    • Color Black Gold
    • Main Features aptX, Near Field Communication (NFC)
    • Frequency Response 15 Hz ~ 22 kHz
    • Cable Length 1.2m / 3.9 ft
    • Learn More
      • 1 pair of Creative Aurvana Gold headset
      • 1 USB charging cable (1m)
      • 1 detachable flat audio cable, 2.5mm-to-3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug (1.2m)
      • 1 airplane adapter
      • 1 durable travel pouch
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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