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Buy the Creative SXFI AMP + Aurvana Trio LS Bundle

Creative SXFI AMP + Aurvana Trio LS Bundle

Super X-Fi Headphone Amp for Android & In-ear Headphones with Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Drivers


Creative SXFI AMP


The SXFI® AMP delivers the best of two worlds in advanced personalized headphone audio.

It incorporates the award-winning Super X-Fi technology which is miniaturized into a dongle no larger than a finger. The SXFI AMP is also a premium high-performance headphone amplifier that is capable of driving even studio-grade headphones.




Super X-Fi captures the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a professional studio, and recreates the same expansive experience — with the same original depth, detail, realism, and immersiveness — in your headphones.

Each of us hears the world differently — our unique head and ear shapes affects how we perceive sound. Super X-Fi personalizes the headphone audio experience based on how you hear sound to give you the most optimized and realistic listening experience.

This is done by simply taking three photos of your face and ears with your phone.


Personalize your Super X-Fi profile through an advanced Head and Ear-Mapping process.


SXFI AMP delivers superior audio clarity and sound performance, and is crafted with a single aluminum unibody with a fine-textured, anodized black finish.

It weighs just 15 g (0.5 oz), making it ultra-portable.



Experience music on your headphones as if you're listening to the recording artist in a studio! Enjoy Super X-Fi on your local hi-res FLAC files or stream your favorite songs over Spotify app on mobile or PC with SXFI AMP. Try out some old mono tracks from the golden age and you'll be amazed how Super X-Fi transforms the music.


Immerse yourself in a holographic audio experience whenever you are with your headphones. Whether you are watching movies on your laptop or travelling on an airplane with your Android phone, just plug in the SXFI AMP and enjoy! Super X-Fi is capable of transforming videos into full-fledged, cinematic audio experience.


Enjoy games with the full cinematic capabilities of Super X-Fi! Simply plug in the SXFI AMP with your headphones into your PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or on PC — the soundstage of the game opens up and you feel as if you were actually transported into the game environment itself. Your games will never sound the same anymore!

Simply connect the SXFI AMP to your Android phone to experience the magic of holographic audio.

Featuring a USB Type-C input port with a 3.5 mm audio jack output, the low-jitter asynchronous USB enables precise data transmission and digital timing integrity. A 4-inch C-to-C cable is also included in the package.

For devices without a USB Type-C port such as older PCs/Macs, a USB A-to-C cable is required.


Set up your personalized listening profile using your Android phone. Simply plug in the SXFI AMP and your preferred headphones with your phone, select your headphone type and you're all set up!

TIP: When switching headphones, make sure to reconnect the new headphones and your Android phone to SXFI AMP to select the new headphone profile for the best Super X-Fi experience.


Users can switch between profiles simply by logging in their Super X-Fi account via their PC.

No hassle of having to reconnect the SXFI AMP with your Android phone!


After setting up your listening profile, just unplug your phone and connect the SXFI AMP to your console with the same headphones.

Now, enjoy full cinematic capabilities of your game with Super X-Fi!


Experience the immersive, holographic audio experience across devices:

NOTE: An Android smartphone is required to load your personalized head-mapping profile into SXFI AMP.

Desktops, PCs, Laptops

  • Windows 10 Creator's Update (ver. 1703)
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Linux


  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Nintendo Switch

Mobile Devices

  • Android 7.0 and later only

Audiophile DAC

SXFI AMP is a premium high-performance headphone amplifier that is capable of driving even studio-grade headphones — easily beating some of the most expensive headphone amps on the market today.

3x Amplification Power

SXFI AMP delivers 3X amplification gain for exceptionally powerful audio performance. It supports headphones with high impedances of up to 600 ohms, powering even studio grade headphones with your mobile devices. Using the AMP, you can now enjoy the full specs of your top-grade headphones wherever you are.

Hear Every Detail

SXFI AMP uses a separate 128dB high-end high-precision AKM 32-bit DAC. This provides maximum audio fidelity and pristine quality yielding up to 120dB SNR, and 0.0003% THD.

The AKM DAC is known in its field to offer outstanding fidelity, especially for original sound reproductions. This supports and ensures high-resolution audio playback so you can hear every detail in your audio.

Creative Aurvana Trio LS


Redefine the simplicity and clarity of analog headphones with Creative Aurvana Trio LS! Debuting with a new and efficient driver design, this pair of in-ears is engineered to achieve sounds you can truly appreciate. With the integration of the brand-new Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) technology, expect the delivery of cleaner highs and punchier bass than any other average analog headphone!

To further elevate the audio experience on Creative Aurvana Trio LS, the in-ear headphones are also Super X-Fi certified. When used together with Super X-Fi products like the Creative SXFI AMP, you get the best possible headphone holography entertainment, with spatialized audio experience akin to how we hear sound in real life—all around, surround you.

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We have brought the audio performance of analog in-ears up a notch with the introduction of all-new innovative Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) technology in Creative Aurvana Trio LS, which drastically reduces distortions that commonly exist in traditional drivers. The LSR technique ensures more uniform and consistent vibrations throughout the entire driver, which translates to overall improved sound reproductions as well as cleaner, pristine audio with minimal distortions even at higher volumes. Further refined by our in-house acoustic experts, Aurvana Trio LS offers you a premium listening experience at a bargain.



Say hello to our fresh, new look with redesigned sawtooth sheath cable! Creative Aurvana Trio LS has been given a refined facelift to not only complement the boost in performance, but also to reduce irksome microphonic noises caused by friction when we move about, and when the cable involuntarily comes into contact with other surfaces.

In addition, the headphones also come with our exclusive in-ear noise isolation design, which forms an optimal seal when worn to block out unwanted environmental noises. Now, you can enjoy undisturbed audio entertainment and stay focused without missing a beat to your music! We have also included extra ear tips so you can find the ideal fit to ensure a perfect seal.

Super X-Fi


Aurvana Trio LS is Super X-Fi certified! Super X-Fi processing with certified headphones accounts and compensates for changes in audio output caused by the headphones to ensure audio reaches your ears as intended.

Any headphones that feature our Super X-Fi Certified badge has been optimized for use with Super X-Fi products, like the Creative SXFI AMP, Sound Blaster GC7, and Sound Blaster X4. Pair these products with the Aurvana Trio LS to get the best possible headphone holography experience!

Customer Reviews

W. Miller

I own other Creative/SXFI products so as soon as I saw this deal I ordered it immediately. It arrived today and I had an opportunity to test it out on both my PC and Android phone. I can't believe how great these items sound together. I own the Aurvana Trio Wireless and use the BT-3 on my PC and think they sound incredible but once I plugged this into my PC I had to turn the volume down. I am impressed with how loud these get without causing any distortion. I also tested the SXFI Amp with my Aurvana Gold headphones. I was equally impressed with the audio quality. Using Creative's SXFI Control I enabled SXFI, turned on the equalizer (Classical), selected the appropriate headphones and changed the output to 7.1. Thank you Creative Labs for making game changing audio products like SXFI. I don't think I can ever go back to listening to music without SXFI.

K. Libertus

Great headphones and a small yet punch amp. Highly recommended.

D. A. R. Esquivel

Simply the best!!!

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Creative SXFI AMP
    • 1 x Creative SXFI AMP
    • 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet
  • Creative Aurvana Trio LS
    • 1 x Creative Aurvana Trio LS 3.5 mm Stereo Headset
    • 1 x Pair of (S) and (L) Ear Tips
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Compliance Leaflet
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet