Silicone Skin - ZEN V / ZEN V Plus

The ultimate accessory for protection against scratches and dirt. Available in a wide range of colors.


Protect your MP3 player with this trendy silicone skin!

The silicone skin accessory provides an exact fit for both the ZEN V and the ZEN V Plus MP3 player, and offers the ultimate protection for your player against scratches, knocks, dirt and stains.

Featuring a soft and smooth surface and a non-slip grip, the skin gives you total comfort and ease in using your player. Sensual and vibrant, these silicone skins give your player a tantalizing feel. Better yet, they protect it from rough handling that leads to scratches. Enjoy the freedom to hold your player without worries of scratching it.

From a wardrobe of six different skins, choose one that best suits your personality and dress up your ZEN V or ZEN V Plus!

Here's how the colors can help you show your personality.

  • Pink will unleash your feminine charm and sweet girlish appeal
  • Green expresses your free-spirited character
  • Orange will bring out the bubbly and cheerful side of you
  • Blue has its way of revealing your cool, calm, and collected nature
  • Black gives you classic sophistication and elegance
  • White simply showcases the purity and innocence in you

A Closer Look

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