Aurvana In-Ear3

Noise-isolating In-ear Headphones

Imagine if you could shrink down a set of studio speakers so that they fit into your ears. This is exactly what we have done with the Aurvana In-Ear3. Styled in dark-chrome, it delivers precise audio performance with its Balanced Armature Tweeter and Woofer speakers and optimised sound tube design.



Studio-quality in-ear indulgence

Aurvana In-Ear3 is audio enjoyment at its best. Specially designed drivers, with a tweeter and woofer on each side, bring out the clarity and detail in your music while blocking out 98% ambient noise. Experience the same sound as you would on high-end speakers – in your ears!

Studio-grade sound

Micro powerhouse

The dual precise Balanced Armature Tweeter and Woofer design with passive crossovers on each side deliver the accurate and smooth response that you would expect from studio speakers.

Perfect acoustics

The angled sound tube fits the ear canal snugly to provide a natural fit, while its patent-pending acoustic partition design separates the highs (Tweeter) and mids/lows (Woofer) to produce a more defined audio soundscape.

Excellent sound isolating design

The AuraSeal™ in-ear design with supplied silicone and foam eartips in different sizes provide up to 98% noise isolation and minimize bass leakages too - giving you an optimal music experience anywhere, anytime.

Ergonomic, professional design

Micro powerhouse

The over-ear cable loop offers a convenient wearing style that stays securely on, even when you are on the move. The premium, high-purity Oxygen-Free Copper cabling is capable of minimising cable-contact noises.

Lightweight and portable

Compact and lightweight, the Aurvana In-Ear3 works just like a pair of unobtrusive studio speakers for your critical listening or monitoring of your mixes on-the-go. It is an ideal complement to your portable audio sampler, media player or laptop.

Easy to store and carry

Store the earphones in the supplied acrylic case, or in the compact travel pouch which comes with a cable management holder for portable convenience.


  • HardwareHeaven

    The Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 offer great performance from portable media devices and excel with higher quality audio sources. In addition they look great and feel comfortable while being priced very competitively.

    Aurvana In-Ear3



  • Tech Radar

    And we're happy to report that the Creative Aurvana In-ear3 earphones are pretty good, too. They're noise-isolating rather than noise-cancelling, and they do a fantastic job of blocking out external noise... Sound quality is head and shoulders above most bundled earphones, and obviously a lot better than ones that cost a bit less.

    Aurvana In-Ear3



  • Expert Reviews

    They use dual balanced armature drivers with a dedicated woofer, which gives them much more bass presence than most similarly priced balanced armature earphones... Their large bodies give a pleasingly secure fit whether you use silicone dome or foam sound-isolating tips...

    Aurvana In-Ear3



  • HeadphoneInfo

    If you’re looking for an affordable set of in-ears that will give you the performance you’re looking for, and the isolation you crave in the outside world, the Creative Aurvana In-Ear3s are a great choice for a first-time buyer.

    Aurvana In-Ear3



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Customer Reviews

  • K. M. Seng

    One of the best earpiece I have owned.

  • t. c. lim

    Very good product.

  • A. Plotnikova

    Best headphones I've ever had :) The sound quality is breathtaking, the fit is perfect for me, and I enjoy the premium feel they give.

  • E. Nielsen

    The Aurvana 3's may look beefy for a set if in-ears, but they've got it where it counts, they sound amazing. Once you figure out the slightly un-intuitive round the ear placement, the fit like a charm and are surprisingly comfortable, delivering solidly in all facets of sound recreation, deep bases and clear tones, for the price these headphones are simply astounding. Building on the fantastic acoustics of the Aurvana 1, and Aurvana 2, Creative have outdone themselves with these advanced powerhouse in ear headphones.

  • P. Kucera

    These MUST be the BEST sounding headphones yet .. Magic !!!

  • H. Habib

    Simply the best I've tried so far...Extremely good value for money, has a really good sound stage, good noise isolation as advertised, very tight bass, nothing overpowering, very satifying listening experience

  • G. Charlesworth


  • N. Lim

    SoundStage is very good. I've used alot of IEMs over the years. This is a very well-balanced earphone you will get at this price point. Remember to pair it with a good sound card.

  • C. Chung

    Very good product and good value for money

  • A. Gutteridge

    I wanted some quality earphones and have not been disappointed by these in any way. They mould into the ear cutting exterior noise completely, enabling you to focus in on whatever's playing without distraction. They are comfortable and come with different size ear-tips to ensure you enjoy wearing the earplugs as long as you want. Excellent

  • M. Bernhardt

    I've tried many in ear headphones in the past, even the most expensive ones have disappointed but these Aurvana are in class of there own. We'll thought out product, comfortable and unbelievably good sound and a good storage system as we'll. Perfect on aircraft.

  • C. S. LEONG

    Great balanced sound with clarity and aritculation in both the high and low end. Very good value!

  • J. Easton

    Great sound. Good fit in ear. Great depth in sound when used with E1 product. 5 star if wiring was more robust.

  • S. v. Berkel

    awesome noise isolating earphones. Used another brand for awhile but nothing is like Creative for on your bike. Even with windforce 6 Bft. headwind you can still hear ur music clearly without any annoying weather noises.

  • w. boland

    I have these for a few years now and love them. Sound quaility for in-ear head phones is outstanding. Sound isolation is excellent allowing me to wear them in an industrial setting with a noise level of 92dB and still have the volume turned right down on my mp3 player. The only down side to these is they can take a while to get used to if you are wearing them for prolonged periods of time, but that could just be the shape of my ears.

  • W. X. Neo

    great product, the sound quality is great.

  • K. Neubronner

    The design is sleek, though a little unconventional. It's also very comfortable to wear and in the ears, and does not require any fiddling after putting on. As a result, it does well to cancel out ambient noise. Sound quality is high, with emphasis on the mids, which provide for rather pleasant and light listening.

  • I. Mansell

    Excellent in ear phones fit well in ear recess loop cable around ear secures fit. Obliterates external sound to the point the wife gets annoyed that she can't communicate essential information, like clean up. Audio quality good from iPad, iPhone & iPod. Stay secure through fairly vigorous activity but not running, out walking through hills stayed in place. Good bass clear music. Thoroughly recommend purchase. Good quality service from creative & comms

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Aurvana In-Ear3 5.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. based on 4 reviews.

A Closer Look

    • Product Type Wired Headphones
    • Weight 13g (0.5 oz)
    • Color Bronze
    • Frequency Response 10 Hz ~ 17 kHz
    • Cable Length 1.2m / 3.9 ft
    • Driver Dual Balanced Armature Drivers
    • Learn More
      • 1 pair of Aurvana In-Ear3
      • 2 pairs of S, M, L size silicone eartips
      • 2 pairs of foam eartips
      • 1 cleaning tool
      • Travel pouch with cable management holder
      • 1 airplane adapter
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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