Creative Outlier Sports

Ultra-light Wireless Sweatproof In-ear Headphones

The Creative Outlier Sports is a pair of high-performance wireless in-ear headphones that stay secure and comfortable in your ears even when your workout gets tough. It features sweat-proof properties to help you brave through all natural elements and accidental splashes. And with a battery life of up to 11 hours, nothing is going to hold you back from staying active.




Outdo Yourself

Performance is everything. It measures how far we've come and how much further we want to go.

The Creative Outlier Sports is a pair of high-performance lightweight wireless in-ear headphones that stay secure and comfortable in your ears even when your workout gets tough. It features sweatproof properties to help you brave through all natural elements and accidental splashes. And with a battery life of up to 11 hours1, nothing is going to hold you back from staying active.

You focus on your fitness performance. We'll take care of the rest.


Ignite Your Passion

Don't let wires hold you back. Beat your personal best with big wireless sound. Connect your music device wirelessly to the ultra-lightweight Creative Outlier Sports via Bluetooth® and hear only the clearest aptX® audio playback.

Make It Happen

Stay motivated on the trail, slope or at the gym, and let the featured 6mm Neodymium drivers pump out the high quality audio you need while you focus only on your fitness performance and nothing else.


Go Far, Go Forth

With 11 hours1 of audio playback on a single charge, know that your favourite playlist is here to spur you on as you push out the last rep or when you cross the finish line.


Brave The Elements

The Outlier Sports is sweatproof with an IPX4 certification. Which means you can listen to your workout playlist without worrying about accidental splashes, all while braving the elements of nature as you finish the last mile.

Only Your Music And Nothing Else

Focus on your breathing and the music. The AuraSeal™ silicone tips on both ear buds block out the world and all other noises so that you can be completely immersed in your music.

Stay Connected To The People That Matter

Never miss another call from people who matter. The Creative Outlier Sports features an invisible microphone that comes with ClearSpeech™ Engine technology and an inline remote for easy access to calls and music playback control. Its special silicone over-molded cable minimizes microphonics so that everything is heard crisp and clear without interferences.

Stay Tuned In All The Way

Find the perfect fit. Soft silicone ear buds in different sizes are available to make sure your Outlier Sports stay secure no matter how intensive your workout gets.

1 Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.


  • Soundphile Review

    The Creative Outlier Sports - a Bluetooth headset with an around-the-neck cord design to please all kind of sports and fitness enthusiasts.They are a very comfortable, nicely built, decent sounding pair of in-ear fitness headphones at a reasonable price.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • XSReviews

    The Creative Outlier Sports are the best pair of fitness headphones we’ve ever tested, thanks to a rugged design, dependably long battery life and a comfy, secure fit. Music sounds good too, with a noticeable bass presence.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • Sound Guys

    The lows on the Outlier Sports are really strong... these are fitness headphones. And the best case for a strong bass in my opinion is when you’re exercising. That extra push can definitely help you get over the exhaustion hump.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • GamesReviews

    The highs, mediums, and lows through this bluetooth connection are great... for their required purpose – where listening is probably a secondary action to what every you are actually doing – they are more than adequate. I had no issues what so ever with the audio quality, and everything sound crisp and clean during all my experiences.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • KL Gadget Guy

    The Creative Outlier Sports managed to hit the sweet spot price tag for a decent pair of sports headphones, complete with aptX support and IPX4 weather proof capabilities, this is definitely one headphone that we'd recommend for workouts and casual music listening.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • TechAeris

    The Creative Outlier Sports in-ear headphones are comfortable, sweat-proof, lightweight in-ear, and great sounding and come at a very reasonable price. It’s not hard to see why we’ve awarded them a Top Pick of 2017 award here at Techaeris.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • Dad Kingdom

    The Creative Outlier Sports are near-perfect in-ear headphones for both exercise and daily use. For me, comfort and fit is the most important attribute and the Outliers certainly deliver.

    Creative Outlier Sports



  • Paste

    Well priced and easy to use, you should be happy with a purchase of these [the Creative Outlier Sports]. I know I’ve finally found a pair of wireless in-ear headphones that are as comfortable to wear as wired ones.

    Creative Outlier Sports



  • ChipChick

    While Outlier Sports are marketed as sports headphones, they’re honestly great everyday headphones. They’re definitely comfortable enough for extended use, and the sound quality is pretty solid.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • Run Singapore

    I found that the sound worked best when it was playing audiobooks and dialogue, but it held up pretty well playing punchy, blood-pumping music. The sound itself would do well for those who want to forget the world and lose themselves in the zone.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • GameScouts

    The Creative Outlier Sports are the most impressive exercise headphones I’ve ever tested. They feel fantastic if you’re playing sports for long periods of time, and their audio performance is way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced from a pair of tiny earbuds.

    Creative Outlier Sports


  • Tech Radar

    ...our favorite aspect of the headphones was the battery life. Creative rates the Outlier Sports battery life at 11 hours and, from our testing, that seems about accurate. That means you’ll be able to take them to the gym five days a week without needing to juice them up and then, come rest day, plug them in to get them ready for the next workout.

    Creative Outlier Sports


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Customer Reviews

  • D. Seah

    Light, fantastic battery life. Great bass & treble..simply great! The fit is extremely comfortable that you do not feel the weight at all.. So good, that I end up buying a 2nd piece..

  • M. Allen

    I can mosh and they don't fall out! amazing!

  • L. Q. Chan

    Loved the quality and also how fast the delivery takes. Thank you!

  • M. Monroy


  • W. Lai

    Fast delivery. Used been a week and it wont let me feel disappointed. Sound quality and battery life are great.

  • V. RALPH

    Love it. Creative the Best! Excellent product from Creative as always!

  • N. Eunos

    I like the deep base and long battery life. It has become my go to earphones whenever I am on the go.

  • D. Lucy

    Great bluetooth headset. I really like this!

  • S. Chiang

    Lovely Bluetooth in-ear phones, fits perfectly and the sounds good and good quality.

  • T. Benjamin

    The best I ever had..


    very good sound is excellent

  • S. Nandi

    Build quality is good, feels premium. The fit is nice and getting connected was a breeze, however, it'd be good if the flashing LED can be turned off while headphones are in use. The 6mm drivers are mind blowing and deliver the perfect sound. Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase.

  • R. S. C. FLORES

    Elegant, Powerful, and Good Quality. Recommended

  • M. Guna

    Quality sound and very comfortable :)

  • K. Low

    Good sound quality, battery life definitely good for those long marathon runs

  • D. Soosay

    Wonderful accessory and good value for money.

  • S. C.

    Fantastic battery life. Brilliant sound. Highly recommended for casual everyday use.

  • M. Mahelsky

    I love these in-ear headphones. The fit is very adjustable given the different size tips included. Also, the stabilizer is comfortable and really helps to keep the tip in the ear, not slipping when moving and turning my head. (My other in-ear headphones were always moving, especially as the neck strap moved along the back of my neck.) These move less, and the stabilizer comfortably fits along the inner part of each ear. As for the sound, Creative has always made excellent audio products, in my opinion. I've owned many different Creative products over the years, including headphones and wireless speakers. Each has had excellent audio (highs and lows), sounding like much more expensive wired speakers. The Outlier Sports headphones perform equally great. Once snug in my ears, the sound is great, with solid bass and crisp highs. Voices sound clear and loud. And the battery life is excellent based on my past experience with battery powered headphones. Overall, these are really nice in-ear Bluetooth headphones which provide excellent sound and performance/fit for a very good price.

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Creative Outlier Sports 8.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. based on 12 reviews.

A Closer Look

    • Product Type Wireless Headphones
    • Weight 15g (0.5 oz)
    • Color Neon Green, Fiery Orange, Midnight Blue
    • Main Features aptX
    • Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    • Cable Length 0.5 m (1.64 ft)
    • Learn More
      • 1 Pair of Creative Outlier Sports
      • 1 Pair of S, M, L Size Silicone Earbuds
      • 3 Types of Secure Tips
      • 1 Clip
      • 1 USB Cable (0.25m)
      • 1 Quick Start Guide
      • 1 User Guide
      • 1 Compact Carry Case
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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