Sound Blaster Roar Pro Carry Pouch

The Sound Blaster Roar Pro Carry Pouch unlocks greater portability for Sound Blaster Roar Pro with cushioning material that protects the speaker wherever it goes. You can carry it, hang it, or even sling it on you. With easy access guided by the imprints on the leatherette panel on the pouch, you can play and control your music on the go. The Carry Pouch is also compatible with the classic Sound Blaster Roar.


Protects Sound Blaster Roar Pro Wherever You Go

carry with Roar Pro into the pouch

Simply slot your Roar Pro/Sound Blaster Roar into the Carry Pouch, and take it with you everywhere you go! The Roar Pro Carry Pouch comes with two detachable straps - short strap for you to hang it around your wrist, or long strap to sling it across your body. The Carry Pouch also comes with soft nylon cushioning, protecting your favorite speaker from bumps and knocks.

Easy controls

Roar Pro in pouch, with zoom in on panel

The Roar Pro Carry Pouch is designed with your convenience in mind. It is imprinted with functions on the leatherette panel, so you have easy access to music playback controls. The pouch also comes with back panel port opening, so that you can charge your speaker, or connect to it via AUX-in.

A Closer Look

      • Dimensions (H x W x D)
        65 x 210 x 125 mm (2.5 x 8.3 x 4.9 inches)
      • Product Weight
        42g (1.4 Oz)
      • Color
      • Length of short strap
        50cm (19.7 inches)
      • Weight of short strap
        15g (0.5 Oz)
      • Length of long strap
        140cm (55.1 inches)
      • Weight of long strap
        40g (1.4 Oz)
      • Sound Blaster Roar Pro Carry Pouch
      • One Short Detachable Strap
      • One Long Detachable Strap


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