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Representing the epitome of flawless,
pristine listening experience in each speaker category.

Modular Speakers

With Creative’s modular wireless speakers, you don’t have to purchase a 3.1 speaker setup all at one go. You can get one speaker unit first, and then subsequently add on more units or a subwoofer whenever you feel like it. >>

The Dxm Series

Clever audio control at your fingertips

With the Creative Central app for iOS and Android, you’ll be able to activate a suite of smart features that unleashes the full potential of your Creative Dxm speakers.

Fast and easy modular setup

Setting up a modular speaker system has never been simpler. Just use the app and follow the step-by-step wizard.

Instant Room Calibration

How your room is furnished can affect the way your audio sounds. With a few simple taps on your smart device, the app’s Room Calibration feature lets you optimize your speakers to make your audio sound its best in every room. We think that’s pretty clever, don’t you?

Just the way you like it

Customize the audio settings for your music and movies with Sound Modes. You can choose from a variety of useful setting options, such as Voices (for vocal music), Cinematic Action (for movies) or Night Mode (for suppressed audio in late night settings).

2.1 Speakers

Our 2.1 speakers are built with superior components and cutting-edge speaker technologies to deliver an impeccable audio experience, and fulfilling the Signature Series' promise of audiophile quality.

Made for audiophiles

The speakers’ audiophile-grade aluminium drivers deliver full midrange and ultra-clear highs.

Deep, tight bass

The Creative SLAM™ subwoofer design combines the benefit of speed and quick transient response of a small driver together with the high-output and deep bass extension of larger drivers.


These speakers offer rich connectivity options that let you connect to all your gadgets: 3.5mm Aux-in, RCA and optical inputs1, plus headphone output.

1 Optical input is available for Creative T4 Wireless only

2.0 Speakers

Building upon the success of our all-time bestsellers - GigaWorks T20 and T40 Series II, the Creative T30 and T50 Wireless speakers raise the audio quality bar once again from its predecessors. Built with carefully selected premium components and tuned to perfection in our labs, these high-end desktop speakers will leave even the most discerning audio critique flattered.

Driver Design

The custom-made silk dome tweeters give you silky smooth highs, while the woven glass-fibre cone drivers deliver natural and accurate full-bodied midrange. With the drivers stacked on top of one another, they work in tandem to produce an excellent dynamic response, and deliver a more natural, accurate and balanced sound signature that suits all kinds of music genre.

Louder Bass

The speakers feature BasXPort™ technology, which extends and enhances lower midrange frequencies of your music. These 2.0 speakers are also updated with larger curved-rear acoustic enclosure design to deliver full midrange with cleaner, louder and more extensive bass performance.

Bluetooth / NFC

Equipped with Bluetooth capability, you can now enjoy your audio anywhere!2 And if your device is NFC-enabled, simply just tap and play for fuss-free pairing.

2 Works with compatible stereo Bluetooth devices only, from a range of up to 10 meters

When you pick up a Creative Signature Series speaker, it's not just the best speaker technology put together in one product – it's a labor of love borne out of our passion for great audio.