Inspire T6100

Bring about 5.1-channel audio bliss to your games and movies.


Superior 5.1 speaker design with dramatic subwoofer performance!

Experience the most engaging audio in your games and movies with the Creative Inspire T6100. Two-way front speakers feature a tweeter and mid-range driver for hi-fi sound on your desktop PC or home theatre setup. With the powerful horizontal mounted centre speaker, movie dialog becomes clearer and more precise, right in front of you! The 5.1 surround speaker system is supported by a well-tuned subwoofer system. You'll be impressed by how it sounds as good as it looks.

Integrating the T6100 to your lifestyle

Two-way design satellite speaker

Full spectrum audio from two-way design speakers

Listen to your audio in vibrant color. The tweeter adds detail to the cymbals, triangles and other high-end frequencies while acoustic guitars and pianos gain warmth and character, thanks to the high performance mid-range driver that can recreate a realistic live audio experience for vocals and music.
Powerful subwoofer

More power and depth

Designed exclusively to produce the lower range of audible frequencies, such as the bass, this powerful subwoofer packs 26 Watts RMS to enhance the two-way performance, giving more power and depth for your musical enjoyment.
Middle satellite speaker

Engaging surround experience

Never miss a word of what your onscreen characters are talking about for the powerful center speaker ensures you hear every word or whisper uttered. Experience realistic 5.1 surround environmental and positional audio from the rear left and right speakers for surround gaming and movie playback.
Rear satellite speaker

Rear left and right speakers

These provide the environmental and positional audio for surround gaming and movie playback, providing an enveloping effect that lets you experience a realistic 5.1 surround sound.
Flared port for lower and cleaner bass response

Flared port for lower and cleaner bass response

With a bass unit that is fine-tuned to ensure the smoothest passage of air-flow - the result speaks for itself. Enjoy a cleaner and more even bass response.
Easy Controls for Private Listening

Easy controls for private listening

Plug in your favorite headphones and enjoy your music without disturbing those around you. The convenient power and volume control makes it easy to control your music.
Small footprint of satellite speaker

Small footprint and magnetically-shielded

Maximize your area for optimal performance. The small satellite footprint enables easy placement anywhere, you can even mount them onto the wall. Or if you prefer place them near your desktop or TV, the magnetically-shielded satellites would not cause any undue interference.

A Closer Look

      • 4 x Wall-mountable satellite speakers with attached cables
      • One centre speaker with adjustable stand and attached cable
      • 4 desktop stands
      • Power supply adapter
      • Quick Start leaflet
      • Warranty and Technical Support leaflet