Sound Blaster JAM

Ultra Light Wireless Headset for Comfort and Portable Playback

Keep it light and breezy with our new member from the Sound Blaster family. The Sound Blaster JAM is a pair of ultra-light Bluetooth® wireless headset that gives you freedom to roam in comfort, no matter how long your playlist is. Untethered and untangled. Freedom can’t get any sweeter when you can play, pause or personalize your audio experience with bass enhancement - all within one click!



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Powered up for Your Wireless Enjoyment

Let your taste in music be as easygoing as our ultra-light Sound Blaster JAM! Complete with Bluetooth 4.1 and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, you can pair and play without much fuss. Enjoy the power of freedom and flexibility, without scrimping on the audio quality up to 12 hours1 of wireless playback. Who knew you could start your own personal party with a pair of wireless headset?

1Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.

One-click Solution

The Sound Blaster JAM brings the music you love into your ears with just one click! Get a call while you're immersed in your music? No worries, one click on the headset and you're instantly connected. Click again and play, to pick up where you left off.

Click the bass enhancement button, and you get a stereo punch that cranks up your music real good. The power of Bluetooth connectivity gives you that limitless freedom and flexibility to personalize your audio experience!

Big Performance in a Small Package

Expect a compelling performance, like no other in your ears. Featuring quality Neodymium drivers, the Sound Blaster JAM lets you hear clean, crisp power with no wires in sight! Plus, give your music a boost with bass enhancement and let the good times roll!

Great Music With Limitless Possibilities

Music follows wherever you go, even when you're charging your headset at the same time. Connect the Sound Blaster JAM to PC/Mac via USB for audio playback, to keep the grooves going!

When connected via USB, you'll have access to the SBX Pro Studio suite of technologies , designed to improve your audio, be it for movies, music or games.

*Microphone functionality will be disabled when connected via USB. Connect via Bluetooth to enable microphone functionality.

Hidden Gem Within the Jam

Your voice calls cannot get any more sparkly with a high quality omni-direction microphone. Hear and be heard on the phone with clarity and details shining through your conversation and recording. A well hidden gem within the Sound Blaster JAM indeed!

Comfort Matters

Music gets more enjoyable, when you could listen in comfort all day long. Thick foam ear cushions are designed to let you experience the true intentions of your favourite artist. You almost forget you're wearing headset!


  • Lester Chan

    ... the Creative Sound Blaster Jam Headphones is a good entry-level Bluetooth wireless headphones that is reasonably priced.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • Music | Photo | Life

    The Sound Blaster JAM is a budget headset with all the wireless features you can expect only from a mid-priced wireless headphones.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • My Tech Methods

    Overall I'm a fan of the Sound Blaster Jam Bluetooth headset. I think this is going to be my go-to headphones whenever I go to the gym to workout or if I'm going grocery shopping and I want to listen to a quick podcast.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • CNET

    An ultrabudget Bluetooth headphone that sounds surprisingly good

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • PCMag

    Despite its light, thin, exceptionally comfortable frame, the Jam pumps out powerful bass response, and can also deliver a more balanced, nuanced sound with the Bass mode disabled.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • Craving Tech

    It is so light and  compact compared to any other headsets I’ve reviewed in the past, yet the sound quality is not a disappointment. In fact, I was amazed at the clarity of the sound and the strength of the Bass.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • Mr. Gadget

    The volume controls are also designed with users in mind as they’re very easy to locate and adjust on the ear. And that bass button – with one press, the bass is boosted and I was thoroughly enjoying reliving my Nineties youth with some old R&B tracks.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • PC Advisor

    We hardly expected these headphones to be the last word in detail but at this price it’s excellent. Its neodymium drivers can handle frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The level midrange means vocals are neither recessed nor pushed up too loud, and these fast and dynamic headphones have an excellent wide stereo with natural spread between the ears.

    Sound Blaster JAM



  • Sound Guys

    Once again, Creative has managed to produce a product that seems like it should cost more than it does. The $49 price on the Sound Blaster Jams is the list price too — it isn’t even a discount.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • LifeWire

    A pair of Bluetooth headphones under $50 that actually sound good? Yes, it's possible. Although these headphones don’t excel in any one area, they get a passing grade for everything, and at such a low price for wireless Bluetooth headphones, they’re an extremely good value.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • Mashable

    For a good pair of headphones that feel light when you wear them, look no further than the Sound Blaster Jam headphones from Creative Labs. Weighing in at only eight ounces, the Sound Blaster Jam headphones are so comfortable that you might not even notice you're wearing headphones at all.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • Louder Sound

    If you’d prefer a pair of headphones that don’t completely block out the outside world, some on-ears like Creative’s Sound Blaster Jam will help you avoid any nasty surprises. They let just enough ambient noise in so only a proper ninja can creep up on you, and while they’re not really built for the rough and tumble of commuter or gym life, they sound plenty good enough for everything else.

    Sound Blaster JAM


  • Business Insider

    ...the Creative Sound Blaster Jam is probably your best bet. They’re certainly built like a pair of $40 headphones — 80s-style foam earpads and all...but they’re light on the head, and their sound is clearer and stronger than what’s normally in this range.

    Sound Blaster JAM



    They’re inexpensive, lightweight, on-ear Bluetooth headphones that fit comfortably and sound good for the price. They also offer decent battery life (12 hours).

    Sound Blaster JAM


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Customer Reviews

  • L. E. Yang

    Good Sound Quality and value for money. Also, no more worries about wires.

  • F. Dillon

    What a fantastic value for money product. The sound quality is great, the charge time excellent, and they are so easy to pair with any device. I can find no fault with them at all. Brilliant head set.

  • G. Emmerich

    Very good bleutooth headpfone because the noise is excellent. Bass excellent.

  • B. Morrison

    The Jam simply is what I was looking for at a price point that I feel is quite reasonable. I am particularly pleased with the call quality using it for phoning with my Android phone.

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A Closer Look

    • Product Type Wireless Headset
    • Weight 83g (0.18 lbs)
    • Color Black
    • Main Features Near Field Communication (NFC)
    • Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    • Cable Length 1 m / 3.3 ft (USB Cable)
    • Learn More
    • System Requirements
    • For Windows® OS
      • Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD equivalent processor, 2.8 GHz or faster recommended
      • Microsoft® Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit or 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit or 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit, Windows Vista® 64-bit or 32-bit
      • 1 GB RAM
      • 600 MB of free hard disk space
      • Powered USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port

      For Mac® OS
      • Intel® Core™2 Duo, 2.8 GHz or faster recommended
      • Mac OS X® 10.7.5 or higher
      • 1 GB RAM
      • 600 MB of free hard disk space
      • Powered USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port

      For iOS device
      • iPhone® / iPad® running iOS 5.1.1 or higher for Bluetooth

      For Android device
      • Phone / tablet running Android 2.3 or higher for Bluetooth
    • Download Software
    • Manuals / Safety and Regulatory information
      • Sound Blaster JAM Headset
      • 1m USB cable
      • Quick Start Leaflet
      • Warranty Leaflet
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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