Creative iRoar Rock

Docking Subwoofer for the Creative iRoar

Designed to unleash the full potential of the iRoar (sold separately), the Creative iRoar Rock is a powerful docking subwoofer that is part of the iRoar Ecosystem. Get more out of your audio when you dock the iRoar via the Docking Expansion Port. This feature further extends and enhances the mid-range, bass and surround performance of the iRoar. Quick and simple, the iRoar Rock also acts as a wireless charging solution for the iRoar without any fuss.


BlasterX Immersion Technology

BlasterX Immersion Technology

Get ready for a powerful and immersive audio performance that will rock you off your seat. Communicating in real-time for adaptive sound tuning, the iRoar (sold separately) and iRoar Rock come together to form a sound system that delivers an explosive experience with deep musical bass for your listening pleasure. That's not all.

When docked together, the iRoar unleashes its full potential with BlasterX Immersion Technology, giving you a wider virtual surround for your movies, games and music.

Docking Expansion Port

Docking Expansion Port

Part of the iRoar Ecosystem, the iRoar Rock is the first among many accessories that takes advantage of the countless possibilities of the Docking Expansion Port to create a compact yet powerful subwoofer that complements the iRoar's massive audio prowess.

Convenient FastCharge

Convenient FastCharge

Be impressed by the huge dynamics of full sized speaker sound performance, with the aid of tethered power source via the iRoar Docking Expansion Port. At the same time, you can now enjoy the convenience of fast charge on the iRoar Rock, juicing up the iRoar before heading off to your next adventure.


  • The Gadgeteer

    The iRoar Rock subwoofer makes sense if the iRoar speaker is treated more like a stationary speaker rather than carried room to room. The bass improvement is good enough that the iRoar alone might start to sound a bit anemic, even though that is not the case at all. That’s how addictive the iRoar Rock becomes.

    Creative iRoar Rock


  • Vortez

    The certainty here is that the iRoar and Rock create an awesome audio experience that is laced with contemporary high-tech innovations. We love it and can’t wait to see what’s next.

    Creative iRoar Rock


  • Dad Kingdom

    The Rock improves the iRoar and addresses its minor weaknesses, without sacrificing a drop of its up-for-anything versatility. It is a “must have” for any iRoar owner, especially those who frequently use their iRoar at home. The iRoar Rock solidifies the iRoar’s role as a home theater speaker (a role which is precarious without the Rock). Actually, having more than one Rock wouldn’t be outlandish. A Rock for the home theater and a Rock in the master bedroom would be one step closer to audiophile heaven.

    Creative iRoar Rock


  • The Game Scouts

    The bass quality is superb, and the added depth is a notable improvement over the base iRoar speaker. When testing the complete iRoar bundle in our open office space, music via the iRoar sounded infinitely richer when connected to the Rock.

    Creative iRoar Rock


  • High-Def Digest

    For any iRoar owner who regularly parks and uses the iRoar in the same place, the iRoar Rock is an easy recommendation. It has a strong amount of "wow, neat" presence, which is backed by impressive performance and near idiot-proof usability. It's the kind of accessory that lets incredible, portable sound take command over an entire room.

    Creative iRoar Rock


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Customer Reviews

  • W. Quek

    Great bass and great aesthetic design that matches the modern furniture.

  • c. lawrence

    Great addition to the iRoar.

  • L. Anakwa


  • D. Kirkland

    Love it it's a nice addition to the iroar

  • L. Drake

    A solid and pretty “accessory” that is an absolute MUST for the iRoar. The speaker alone is phenomenal, but this effectively doubles your pleasure with the ease of charging and connecting and improved lower end response. Incredible value.

  • Y. C. Seong

    Great Add On to iRoar

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A Closer Look

      • Operating temperature
        0°C to 45°C
      • Fast Charge for Creative iRoar
        2-3 hours
      • Interface
        Docking Expansion Port
      • Driver Size
      • Input
        100 - 240V ~ 50/60Hz 600mA
      • Dimensions (H x W x D)
        163 x 242 x 138mm
      • Weight
      • Length of power cord
        Approx. 1.8m
      • Weight of power cord
        Approx. 150g each
      • Creative iRoar Rock
      • Power Cord(s)
      • Quick Start Guide
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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