Sound Blaster Headset Stand

For Headsets and Headphones

A durable and stylishly designed headset stand that will complement any gaming setup.


Stylish stand for your gaming headset

Proudly display your Sound Blaster gaming headset or any pair of headphones on the Sound Blaster Headset Stand instead of chucking it on your tabletop. It is sturdily crafted with durable ABS plastic and black-plated cold rolled steel for strength and a more refined finishing. Branded with the Sound Blaster logo, this stylishly designed accessory complements any gaming setup and is a must for the serious gamer.

Customer Reviews

  • E. Chua

    Aesthetically pleasing

  • A. Daantje

    I love this stand, for me there is no other save place to put my headset on after I'm done using it on my desk. and when I travel and take my headset with me, it goes in his pouch when I'm not using it so no matter what it's always taken good care off

  • H. O. Grotebevelsborg

    It's ezy to put your head set on and away

  • M. Allen

    conveniently small and good looking too. more than happy with this stand and my SoundBlasterX H7 sits nicely atop it. love it thx

  • A. Coskun

    Perfect for my headset and looks good!

  • A. Kulik

    Good for Sound BlasterX H6. Looks amazing...

  • W. Miller

    I love displaying my favorite headphones at work using this stand. I currently have my Sound Blaster Evo Wireless resting on the stand but I've tried other headphones as well including my Creative Aurvana Gold and Creative WP-450 headphones. I plan on purchasing another stand for my home office.


    Love the sound quality and especially within this price range. They look awesome, they are comfort and work amazingly!!! Loved the gift also (Sound Blaste Headset Stand).

  • C. Fong

    Solid, attractive and works as described.

  • F. Renaers

    nice addon, headset always in the right place

  • C. Brereton

    Good looking stand. Stand holds the Creative headsets easily.

  • C. Melville

    Nice and simple product to assemble and does exactly as you would expect.

  • d. v. kerckvoorde

    looks great on a desk with the headphone attached

  • N. Wyke

    Awesome, I allways wanted something like this, and this is a simple design and it blend in, the surroundings

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