Sound Blaster EVO

USB Gaming Headset with Dual Microphone Array

Meet the Sound Blaster EVO, a headset that’s amazing for audio. It comes with FullSpectrum™ 40mm drivers, and a dual microphone array for clear communications! Beyond that, connect it to your PC or Mac via USB to unlock a full suite of audio enhancement technology!


Meet the Sound Blaster EVO, a headset that's amazing for audio

Featuring 40mm FullSpectrum drivers, the Sound Blaster EVO is the headset for amazing audio. With its dual microphone array, you can enjoy crystal clear communications. And if you're at home, plug it into your PC and Mac via USB and boot up the free Sound Blaster EVO Control Panel software to enjoy the full suite of advanced audio enhancement technology.

Massively powerful audio

Get ready to unleash the full power and clarity of your audio.

Sound Blaster EVO's 40mm FullSpectrum™ audio drivers are capable of reproducing the full audible range of the audio spectrum, so you won't miss a beat.

Shut out that noise!

The headset's ear cups cover your ears entirely, passively cutting out external noise.

So, when you're out and about, what you hear is only the audio that matters most to you.

Listen with clarity

Dual mic array removes background noise from your VOIP calls, guarantying pristine voice clarity even in noisy environments.

Enjoy your headset even more!

Connect, via USB or 3.5mm

You can connect the headset to your PC or entertainment devices using the USB 2.0 connection, or the analog 3.5mm jack.

Use the included analog cable for direct connection to your portable media player, or swap it with your own cable of a different length.

Personalise your audio, via PC or Mac

Sound Blaster EVO Control Panel gives you advanced audio processing via your PC or Mac. You can adjust audio to your personalised liking.

You can also experience cinematic, virtual surround sound when you connect the headset to your PC or Mac!*

*Connect your EVO headset via USB to your PC or Mac and install Sound Blaster EVO Control Panel to enjoy virtual surround sound.

Designed for easy storage, for your convenience

The headset can be folded to about 70% of its original size, handy for when you need to chuck it in small spaces, like your bag perhaps.

Works With Playstation®4

Welcome the arrival of the latest generation of console gaming! Get yourself ready to experience some unparalleled realistic gaming action by gearing up with the Sound Blaster EVO, compatible with the new Playstation®4 gaming console via USB.


To use this product with notebooks or PCs with separate audio and microphone connectors, you may use the Sound Blaster Audio/Mic Splitter Adapter (available separately).

Customer Reviews

  • J. Katona

    Unbelievable :)

  • F. Sancak

    Now it was time to put it to the test of SOUND! You see, I work a lot with sound. I actually make music in different genres for different artists so I could say that I have to know what good sound is. Well, the first impression of the sound, was that the bass was too loud to my taste. It affected the sound too much. Luckily Creative knows their customers, so they provided an interface where you can adjust the settings of the sound to your own liking. More bass, more surround (virtual), more depth. They even included an equalizer to really fine-tune the sound to your own liking.

  • N. Adal

    I am amazed at the sound quality offered by the EVO, the sound clarity is unbelievable and the bass is so loud it makes your cheeks and nose vibrate! As a PC gamer the software for Windows has different sound profiles which cater to Gaming, Movies and Music which are fully editable and the first thing I done was reduce the bass which is mind-boggling! The ear pads are very soft and comfortable, the headset folds and fits in to the free case supplied, the microphone which is built in to the earpiece somehow works better than the traditional ones which stick out on a separate attachment and overall this headset is very stylish. This headset absolutely blows the Tactic 3D Rage (previous generation headset) out of the water!! I previously owned the Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Rage and found the ear pads too hard and the sound volume too low when used with a 3.5mm jack vs. USB.

  • K. Woodfine

    An extremely slick well made looking folding headset, a very sturdy build and not a wire in sight apart from the one you plug into your player. The sound is crisp and loud and the accompanying software has some nice whistles and bells to play with. The only small points that detract a mark from the headset are the slightly small ear cups that could be larger to enclose rather than press my ears in and the usb>USB cable is quite stiff and clunky, imo it should made from very flexible multi strand soft wire. Apart from those small points the Evo is top notch!

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A Closer Look

    • Audio Drivers 40mm FullSpectrum
    • Headset Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    • Audio Technologies SBX Pro Studio, CrystalVoice
    • Interface USB, Analog 3.5mm
    • Supported Operating Systems Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Mac OS X v10.5 and above, Windows® Vista, Windows® 10
    • Supported Gaming Consoles PlayStation® 4, (3.5mm Analog Connectivity)
    • Learn More
      • Sound Blaster EVO USB
      • Micro USB-to-USB cable - Length: 1.8m (5.91ft)
      • 4-pole analog cable - Length: 1.2m (3.94ft)
      • Quick Start leaflet (Software installation with user guide will be available via online)
    • 1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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