Creative D160

iPod Docking Speaker with Alarm & FM Radio

Dock, charge and play music from your iPod with the Creative D160. It also doubles as an alarm clock and FM radio! Comes complete with a remote control.


The perfect bedside companion for your iPod

Rise and shine to the music you love from your iPod or favorite radio station. For added convenience, your iPod charges as it plays, ensuring you have enough power to last through the day. You can also operate basic iPod functions and control volume with a handy infrared remote control. Adjusting to daylight saving time (DST) is just as easy with one push of the DST button. You can even listen to music from your iPod shuffle and other MP3 players simply by connecting them to the Creative D160 via an integrated AUX-in. Indeed, the Creative D160 is the must-have accessory for any bedroom!

Integrating the Creative D160 into your lifestyle

Play and charge your iPod simultaneously

Play and charge your iPod simultaneously

Dock your iPod, play your favorite tunes and continue to charge it at the same time – ensuring you have enough power for the next day.
Versatile alarm function

Versatile alarm function

You decide the sound that wakes you up in the morning! Choose from a classic buzzer, the radio or your favorite tune from your iPod.
FM radio

FM radio

Tune in to your favorite FM radio station anytime.
Handy remote control

Handy remote control

Get easy access to key speaker controls using your remote control.
Not just for your iPod

Not just for your iPod

The integrated AUX-in port allows you to connect many other devices such as MP3 players or mobile phones with a 3.5mm jack.
No more daylight saving woes

No more daylight saving woes

A simple push of a button takes care of adjusting your clock when its daylight savings time.

A Closer Look At Your Product

    • System Configuration One-piece
    • Dimensions 335.0 x 118.0 x 116.0 mm (13.19 x 4.65 x 4.57 inches)
    • Weight 1.2kg (2.6lbs)
    • Connector Type Aux-In
    • Color Black
    • Remote Control Infrared
    • Learn More
      • One-piece speaker
      • Remote control (battery included)
      • Quick start guide
      • Warranty and Technical Support Leaflet
      • Universal Power Adapter
    • 1-year limited hardware warranty